About Coach MONDLI

Meet Coach Mondli, A Speaker, Transformation Coach, Startup Consultant, Entrepreneur, Business Analyst and Technology Specialist by profession and a proud father of two boys

His Story

Raised alongside four other kids by his Grandmother who earned R 700 pension per month, growing wasn’t easy for Mondli. Enrolled at Mangosuthu Technicon to study Civil Engineering, Mondli left home with R1200 but later had to drop out due to financial and personal constraints. He spent the worse days of his life in Durban in search of a means of livelihood, spending countless nights on dustbins covered with cardboard with his head on his bag and an empty stomach. When the situation became unbearable for him, he was forced to return to Mandeni where he volunteered as a Mathematics and Physics teacher at his High School, having to walk about 10k’s daily, just like he did while growing up.